Criminal Law - Artificial Intelligent Court Rooms - What are the Future Implications?

In 2001 someone created virtual reality court room games which were used to help train trial lawyers. Soon, the government wanted to use AI virtual reality software systems to choose jurors. Next, the software makers came up with decision matrix systems to run scenarios of the most possible outcomes of a trial if the given jurors were to listen to the trial and come to a verdict, which brings me to my next comment, a question actually, one which may very well be met with animosity by all the humans running the so-called "fair" judicial system.

Why do we need humans to run the court system at all?

Why not have robotic police pick up human criminals, and take them to a cell, then to court, day or night and try them right then and there based on the algorithms and data programmed into the Artificial Intelligence software from 100,000 trials and court cases? Updated daily, in real-time in the remaining human court run systems. After all, we need to save budget money right, and the tax payer's want a discount right?

And currently, most folks who get into hot water with the law cannot afford 1000s of dollars to get out of Dodge. Indeed, not too long ago, I was discussing this topic with a fellow think tanker, Troy Laclaire. He was concerned that the court system running solely by computer might become compromised. Still, I like the idea myself as a tax payer, and so I told him point blank; "The court system is already compromised, there is only the illusion of justice now. It's better than most countries obviously, but, it couldn't get worse with AI."

I really doubt many would disagree with that reality. Troy considers all this and states; "I would think you would still have to have the human jurors, however if you can remove the "human element" you may get more cases decided on the "logic" rather than emotional aspects of a case."

Yes, there is always that risk, and yet, maybe criminals should have considered that before doing their crimes. I am pro-death penalty. Troy who is "not exactly against the death penalty" stated that; "we've heard of a few cases where the death penalty has been carried out and later found that the person was innocent, or people waiting to be put to death are released due to new information." Sure, but Troy also states; "I guess as the technology improves, these could be worked out however."

No doubt they would and the amount of money saved would pay for the system almost immediately, and we'd have more justice for all. Please consider all this.